Our Beginnings

LifeCampUSA began in 2021 as a program stemmed from a nonprofit called Hunt4Life Foundation. In 2004, H4LF had a dream of raising funds for local and national ministries in order to meaningfully impact the lives of families across our nation. Since then, Hunt4Life has hosted a fundraising event every year to benefit local ministries and national programs focused on veterans and their families. After their fundraising event raised over $400k in 2020, Mark Neumann began to dream up LifeCamp and the direct impact it could make on middle school sons of veteran and law enforcement families who have lost their fathers. As soon as Mark noticed the lack of nation-wide programs focused on guiding these boys with Christ-centered mentorship from experienced men, he was fired up! Mentors urgently rose to this challenge and supplemented what these boy’s fathers no longer could. Through God’s blessing, the pieces fell together in the summer of 2021, allowing our team of mentors to speak God’s truth to our first group of campers. Once we witnessed the need firsthand at camp, and recognized our ability to provide the tools of truth and encouragement necessary for these boys to grow into Godly men, we knew it had to spread across the country to reach more fatherless sons.


Following our first camp in 2021, we were able to raise enough funds through the H4LF fundraising event to hold 3 camps in Summer of 2022. We had 8 months to build this thing out. We needed 30 campers, 30 mentors, 3 camp locations, 60 airline tickets, and a ton of other major details. But where God has a will, there is a way. We were able to have a successful summer full of amazing memories, that impacted these young men for life. In summer of 2023 we are aiming to host 8 camps. We are praying for God’s provision while we prepare!