Partner with LifeCampUSA

1. Prayer

Become a Prayer-Trooper for LifeCampUSA

Let us know who you are and that you are with us!

2. Referrals

  1. Embark with us as an Outreach Partner to share the LifeCampUSA opportunity with all eligible US Military, First Responder, and Law Enforcement families.

2. Become a Mentor Reconnaissance Lead: Assist us in finding mentors of moral and spiritual character, the ones who have made a large positive impact on your own life.

3. Donate

Become a Financial Teammate with a one-time or monthly pledge:


  • 1 night of camp for 1 camper ( $35/mo)
  • 3 nights of camp for 1 camper ( $105/mo)
  • 1 week of camp for 1 camper ($210/mo)
  • 1 week of camp for 10 campers ($2100/mo)