LifeCamp brings support, inner strength and purposeful direction to the lives of young men who have lost a father in the line of service.

2022 Camp Locations & Dates

Wisconsin – July 24-30
Colorado – July 10-16
South Carolina – June 25 – July 1

Tentative 2023 Camp Locations

Wisconsin | Colorado | South Carolina | Texas | New York | Washington | Montana 

Our Mission.

LifeCampUSA guides young men who are left in the aftermath of losing a father to United States military or law enforcement service on a path toward Biblical fortitude, personal resilience, and restorative healing.

Who We Serve.

LifeCampUSA seeks to mentor middle school sons of fatherless Goldstar military or law enforcement families. At a critical formative stage of establishing their identity, values, attributes, and goals, these sons are left to navigate life without the crucial aid of a father. Whether their father was killed in action, a training accident or suicide, we seek to walk alongside these young men to guide them where they are at now, in life’s toughest moments and beyond.

Our Camp.

Young men will spend six days adventuring in the remote outdoors at vetted Christian ministry camps building community with other young men sharing the same loss. As a team of ten boys, they will be guided by a ten-person hand-selected mentor team comprised of church members and active duty or veteran military or law enforcement personnel committed to their success in becoming a man of character. Through mentorship, bible-based lessons, camp-fire worship, mentor testimonies, team building events, resilience-based discussions and adventure activities such as canoeing, hiking, basic survival skills, and other outdoor events, LifeCamp participants will be equipped with experiential learning outcomes, long-lasting relationships, and a resilient mindset that will take them through life.

While we understand that we will never be able to replace their father in the home, we can show them that their heavenly Father will always be with them.

The Experience

Through Christian bible-based principles, community, and adventure activities, our close-knit LifeCampUSA mentor teams equip young men with tools, principles, and mindset to build resilience, overcome adversity, and understand what type of man the Bible calls them to be in the labyrinth of life. In doing so, they will determine the person they become.

Our History.

LifeCampUSA began in 2021 as a program of the Hunt4Life Foundation. H4LF had a dream in 2004 of raising funds for local and national ministries in order to meaningfully impact the lives of families across our nation. Since then Hunt4Life has hosted The Hunt every year to benefit local ministries and national programs focused on veterans and their families. When their fundraising event raised more than $400k in 2020, Mark Neumann began to dream of LifeCamp and the direct impact it could make on middle school sons of veteran and law enforcement families who have lost their fathers. Seeing the nation-wide lack of programs focused on providing these boys with Christ-centered mentorship from experienced adult men, Mark was fired up to gather mentors to rise to this challenge and supplement what their fathers no longer could.Through God’s blessing, the pieces fell together in the summer of 2021, allowing our team of mentors to speak God’s truth to our first group of campers. Once we witnessed the need firsthand at camp, and recognized our ability to provide the tools of Truth and encouragement necessary for these boys to grow into Godly men, we knew it had to spread across the country to reach more fatherless sons, whose father sacrificed it all in service to our nation.