LifeCampUSA provides support, inner strength, and purposeful direction to the lives of young men and young women who lost a father due to U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, or First Responder service.

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2024 Camp Locations 

From June 8th – August 3rd we will hold week long camps in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, South Dakota, Montana, and three camps in Colorado. Apply today to lock in your camp date and location!

See our ‘Experience LifeCampUSA’ page for more details on locations and dates.

Our Mission

LifeCampUSA guides children of fallen U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responder heroes on a faith-driven pursuit of character, resilience, and fortitude. 

Who We Serve

LifeCampUSA mentors middle school-aged youth whose fathers made the ultimate sacrifice in U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responder service to our nation. At a critical and formative stage of establishing identity, values, character, and goals, these children are left to navigate life without the help of their father. Whether their father was killed in the line of duty, a training accident or suicide, we seek to walk alongside these young men and young women to guide them in life’s toughest moments and beyond. 


During one-week, adventurous wilderness experiences, followed by one to two years of post-camp mentoring, our team guides youth through a focused Bible-based curriculum connected to practical survival skills and life lessons. The fuel for our mission is a mixture of Bible-based principles, applicable life skills, teamwork, and outdoor activities, all led by a hand-selected cadre of mentors, many with military and law enforcement backgrounds. LifeCampUSA youth start their mission equipped with a personalized backpack full of survival tools — the LifeCampUSA Field Guide, a youth devotional book, and a study bible. 

The Experience

During the one-week wilderness experience, youth will grow in Biblical knowledge, leadership, humility, perseverance, integrity, and more. The one-to-one mentor ratio creates a unique opportunity for campers to create lasting and impactful relationships with mentors. Youth will learn a lot but have even more fun! Outdoor activities typically include swimming, fishing, hiking, throwing knives, shooting bow and arrow, and learning important survival skills like fire starting and shelter building. 

Our History

LifeCampUSA began with a dream of creating a program for young men and young women left without a father due to their service in the military or law enforcement. The pieces came together in the summer of 2021 when our first group of campers and mentors united. Once at camp, we witnessed the needs of these young men and women firsthand, and recognized our ability to provide the tools of Truth and encouragement necessary for them to grow into Godly individuals. After we discovered the benefits of continued encouragement, we developed LifeCare, a program that keeps the camper-mentor relationships going long after camp is over. In 2023, knowing young women are significantly impacted by the loss of their father, too, we added the first camp for young women. In honor of the men who sacrificed it all in service to our country, team LifeCampUSA is on a mission to spread across the nation, reaching as many fatherless sons and daughters as we can.

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