Our Team


Mark Neumann

Founder and CEO | Email Mark

I have been married to my wife Jane for a joy filled 32 years! I continue to learn from and love my sweetie and am amazed by Gods blessing me with her. I’m a daddy to five daughters (Leah, Hannah, Lindsay, Callie and Sophia) ranging in age from 18-31. Maybe that’s one reason I desire to help boys grow into Godly men.

Professionally over the past 33 years I have been a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee WI. Over these years I have also invested myself in helping lead local youth and mens ministries as well some roles within our local christian church.

As I worked and served in these areas I began to understand the way God wired and designed me. I want to share the joy and fulfilled life anyone can have through developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It led me to start a ministry called Hunt4Life Foundation 17 years ago which helps raise funds for christian ministries and causes focused on helping people understand Gods ultimate call on their life. LifeCampUSA is a ministry arm of Hunt4Life Foundation and developed from a desire to help boys understand what the Bible says it looks like to become a Man!

I totally love activities that get me out into Gods creation! Hunting, fishing, hiking or just sitting around a campfire….especially with a few other men talking about God’s plan for our lives! It doesn’t get any better than that!!

Jane Neumann

Director of Outreach | Email Jane

My hope is to be a reflection of Christ’s love for us through the encouragement of serving my family, friends, and community.
Mark, my husband, has blessed me with over 30 years of marriage. Coming alongside Mark is a love and devotion that has drawn me closer to Jesus in the most precious ways.

Our five daughters have inspired me to look at life through God’s lens and to challenge myself in communicating what that means or looks like. God has guided me in teaching them through homeschooling for 26 years. Following the 2021 graduation of our youngest daughter, I am now officially retired…whew!

Partnering with single mothers in crises has opened my heart to a greater understanding of God’s unconditional love. Through caring for their children, who’ve stayed in our home, my understanding of Christ’s enduring love and friendship has deepened.

Supporting children, youth, family, and evangelism ministries through training and volunteering is a blessing to me. LifeCampUSA is an extension of that support. Helping develop a program that aids a young man towards fullness in Christ is an honor to be a part of. While surrounded by God’s beautiful creation and the dedication of God fearing mentors, our hope is for a deep-rooted and eternal impact.

Daniel Craig

Director of Development | Email Daniel

I discovered my passion to serve youth while working as a secondary educator for 5 years. When I realized the possibility to make a lasting difference for deserving youth through non-profit work, I knew I had to take the chance when it came along. And come along it did! Hunt 4 Life and LifeCampUSA reached out to me in partnership to fulfill this exact mission! As a son and father, I recognize the unique relationship between fathers and sons and grieve for those without it. The opportunity to supplement what I can to those without their fathers seems too priceless to pass up.

I am (not coincidentally) compelled by Daniel‘s commitment to God, even in the face of a den full of lions. As our world is changing around us and seemingly advertising for destructive behavior and denigrating constructive support for others and reliance upon God, the true cost of following Jesus Christ’s example increases every year. As Daniel dependably went to God for spiritual nourishment and comfort through his daily prayer, I hope to follow suit and daily come to communion with God to share my burdens and listen to his guidance in my life.

I make sure to hit the frozen slopes at least once every year on my skis. Whenever I get a chance throughout the year, I love to explore urban and wild environments on foot and by bike. Nights spent by a campfire cooking a dinner of skewered steak and roasting marshmallows (to golden perfection of course) can’t go wrong.

Jim Fisher

LifeCampUSA Chaplin

Chaplain Jim Fisher, Captain, USN (Ret.), served as a chaplain for nearly thirty years,
experiencing operational deployments on Navy ships, serving in direct combat in two wars,
teaching at the Naval Chaplain School, and providing administrative leadership in three
Washington DC tours, to include the Presidential Funeral Team. His personal awards include
the Legion of Merit (x3), the Bronze Star, and the Combat Action Ribbon. He has been married
to Lori Christian Fisher for 45 years and they have three sons who are gainfully employed and
making a difference in the world.

Trevor Fabian

Advisory Manager | Email Trevor

Trevor spent the last 12 years serving in the United States Air Force. He dedicated the first half of his career as a SERE Specialist leading small teams in the wilderness and teaching them how to survive in any environment so that they could return home to the United States with honor. Following his time as a SERE Specialist, he spent the second half of his military career in Air Force Special Warfare as a Combat Controller where he built and led three distinct Special Operations teams for missions across Africa and beyond. As Trevor just recently transitioned from his military service to civilian life, Life Camp USA has become one of the most significant avenues in which he is not only able to continue serving his fellow servicemen and women who wear the uniform but to also be a guiding mentor to young men whose fathers have paid the ultimate sacrifice in upholding our freedoms and way of life.

Trevor has relied heavily on his Christian faith over the past two decades to overcome adversity in difficult military training as well as leading others to succeed. These lessons are the ones he most desires to share with the next generation; to be there for his brothers sons who are no longer able to and mentor them. While there is no replacement for these boys’ fathers, Trevor is steadfast in showing these young men that their heavenly father will always be there for them.

In his free time, Trevor enjoys the daily grind of life, early mornings, and cold weather. He also enjoys functional fitness, remote backpacking, woodworking, and reading about cosmology, military history and leadership.

Callie Lemley

Marketing/Media Manager | Email Callie

I have had the privilege of working for LifeCampUSA since their very first camp held in Wisconsin in 2020. Being able to work for an organization like LCUSA is so rewarding. I am truly humbled by the conversations and stories that are shared with us from families. It makes busy work, that sometimes feels of little importance or value, 100% worth it. Gold Star and Law Enforcement families have given everything to protect our country, so being able to serve them in the small ways is the least I can do. 

I have a bachelors in business marketing and management. I went Concordia University Wisconsin and graduated in December of 2020. Being able to use my degree in a way that is impacting others and has value and importance is all that I could ask for. 

Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors, running, exercising, spending time with my family, and creating a cozy home for me and my husband.