Our Team

Mark Neumann

Founding Volunteer | Email Mark

Mark brings passion and advocacy to help children of fallen soldiers and first responders. Responsible for overseeing all facets of the organization, he wants to share the joy and fulfillment found through developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For over 35 years Mark has served as a successful financial planner, during which he led both youth and men’s ministries. With a motivating leadership style and successful business model, Mark started the Hunt4Life Foundation. This Christian ministry focuses on helping people realize God’s ultimate plan for their life. LifeCampUSA was developed from the desire to help young men understand what the Bible says it is to lead a life of integrity and strong moral character.

Mark and his wife Jane have been married for 35+ years and have five beautiful daughters. They share a strong desire and calling to help children that have lost their father grow spiritually.

Jane Neumann

Founding Volunteer | Email Jane

Jane serves as a reflection of Christ’s love for us through the encouragement of her community. After a rewarding career in education, partnering with single mothers in crises created a greater understanding of God’s unconditional love. While LifeCampUSA serves as a ministry in supporting youth and families, Jane has been heavily involved in developing the program that aids young men towards fullness in Christ.

Alongside her husband Mark, Jane draws inspiration from their five daughters. The love of family has fueled her desire to mentor children in spiritual growth and connectivity to God’s enduring friendship and love.





Director of Operations and Strategy  | Email Jeremy

Jeremy retired from the United States Air Force in 2015 after serving over 20 years as an officer and fighter pilot flying the F-15E Strike Eagle and F-22 Raptor.  He entered the Air Force as a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and served around the globe, including in combat Operations ALLIED FORCE and IRAQI FREEDOM. After leaving the Air Force, Jeremy accumulated diverse experience working in corporate aviation, in business, and at another top-tier military-focused non-profit.  

Jeremy is extremely passionate about defending the future of our great nation by ensuring youth hear and know truth, especially God’s incredible, limitless love for them.  He and his wife, Holly, have three children, Addison, Asher, and Jasper.  


Daniel Craig

Director of LifeCareUSA, Development Team |  Email Daniel

Daniel discovered his passion to serve youth while working as an educator. As a son and father, he recognizes this unique relationship and grieves for those without it.

Daniel has served as a secondary Mathematics and Science educator for four years as an overseas missionary, including two years of distance education during the pandemic. This experience developed his skills and passion to serve fatherless youth through LifeCampUSA as a Development Director and the Director of LifeCareUSA.

Now a husband and father, Daniel recognizes the unique role a father plays in the nurturing and development of youth, particularly adolescent young men. He is passionate about supplementing the loss of a father and helping youth connect with their Heavenly Father. Daniel and his wonderful wife Haleigh have three children.


Trevor Fabian

Advisory Manager | Email Trevor

Trevor served in the United States Air Force dedicating the first half of his career as a SERE Specialist leading and teaching teams how to survive in any environment. He spent the second half of his military career in Air Force Special Warfare as a Combat Controller where he built and led distinct Special Operations teams. LifeCampUSA allows Trevor the opportunity to continue serving fellow servicemen and women following his transition to civilian life.

Trevor has relied heavily on his Christian faith to overcome adversity in difficult military training as well as leading others to succeed.  While there is no replacement for their fathers, Trevor is steadfast in showing these young men that their heavenly father will always be there for them.

Stefanie Cook

Director of Administration | Email Stefanie

Stefanie brings 25+ years of experience to her role as Director of Administration. With a servant heart and passion to help others, Stefanie came alongside the LifeCampUSA staff to support families participating in Camp and LifeCare events. Her focus will be to create processes for sustainability in organizational development and oversee the organizational aspects.

Having been the liaison for large teams across the U.S., Stefanie will focus on guiding administrative methods and functionality, improving information systems, and overseeing changes to increase efficiency in the organization.

Callie Lemley

Director of Marketing | Email Callie

Callie’s role in marketing for LifeCampUSA is backed by a bachelor’s degree in marketing/management, and years of experimenting in the industry for personal interests and intent.

One of her favorite parts about working for LifeCampUSA and marketing their mission is the purpose behind her work. Being able to wake up knowing the hours you’ve put in are actively helping military and LEO families that have sacrificed so much will never stop motivating her. Callie’s mission is to actively market with followers and partners what a huge impact they have made on these young kids by supporting LifeCampUSA.


Jim Fisher

LifeCampUSA Chaplain

Chaplain Jim Fisher, Captain, USN (Ret.), served as a Chaplain for 30+ years, experiencing operational deployments on Navy ships, serving in direct combat in two wars, teaching at the Naval Chaplain School, and providing administrative leadership in three Washington DC tours, to include the Presidential Funeral Team. His personal awards include the Legion of Merit (x3), the Bronze Star, and the Combat Action Ribbon. He has been married for 45+ years. He and his wife Lori have three sons.

Board of Directors

Trevor Fabian

Captain, USAF, Special Warfare, Retired

Jim Fisher

Captain, USN, Chaplain, Retired

Gary GuSSel

Chairman of the Board, Travel Mart, Inc.

Multi-state, multi-unit Dunkin’/Baskin Robbins Franchisee, WI, MI, MN


Roger VanderMus


Estate & Business Planning Advisor/Wealth Management Advisor

Matt Neumann

Chairman and CEO, Neumann Companies, Inc