Meet LifeCampUSA Mentor, Sonny Hatcher

In late June 2023, Sonny Hatcher served as a mentor for LifeCampUSA in Alaska. Sonny is a 10-year Army Veteran currently serving as the Assistant Director for the Defense Contract Management Agency, Small Business Compliance Group. While this is a great job, naturally, Sonny has a more excellent job spiritually as a Reserve Police Officer/Chaplain for the Owens Cross Roads Police Department in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, and Police Chaplain for the Huntsville Police Department in Huntsville, Alabama. Growing up, Sonny always wanted to be a police officer. While knowing there was the natural desire to protect lives, there was always the desire to save lives spiritually. After receiving a doctoral degree in Christian Counseling, there was a deep feeling that lives need to be impacted. Being in law enforcement and coming into contact with the youth in the community, he sensed that there could be a bridge between the youth in the community and law enforcement. When Sonny was introduced to LifeCampUSA by a close friend, he felt an immediate tug within to connect, knowing there was an opportunity to empower and impact lives naturally and spiritually. 

Sonny experienced the loss of his father at a young age and knew the profound impact of such a loss. Knowing the hole and void left as a result of the loss, it was only fitting for him to be a part of something that could bring healing and wholeness to the lives of young men and women. 

Sonny set out on the journey without knowing what to expect before attending LifeCampUSA.  He was joined by mentors from many different parts of the country and diverse backgrounds, all coming together with one purpose: to share the love of God with those who have suffered the loss of a father.  

The first morning, a challenge was issued to all the campers and mentors: take a polar plunge into icy cold Alaskan water. However, Sonny found a way to skip out on that plunge! As we continued into the week, there were more challenges for the mentors and campers. However, none of the obstacles were too big for the God we serve. By the end of the week, there was tons of laughter around the campfire, fellowship, and deep conversations that lasted late into the night. 

Witnessing firsthand young lives being changed and kids accepting Jesus Christ into their hearts was so impactful. Two of the most memorable moments for Sonny were being able to baptize three campers who received Jesus into their hearts, which meant finally having to take that polar plunge! One thing about Sonny is that he despises the cold, but after standing in the cold water to baptize the three campers, he takes the dip into the icy water to end his week at camp.  

This was not just a camp for young boys to attend and get away; there was a purpose: to bring exposure to the one Who brings healing to those who are hurting.  LifeCampUSA brought purpose to the lives of young kids who suffered through trauma. Not only did the camp teach sound life principles, but it also helped guide them in spiritually applying those life principles that would reshape their lives. LifeCampUSA planted seeds in the lives of young men, and through continual prayer and accountability through our LifeCare program, they will experience a harvest yielding much fruit.