WHAT Is lIFeCare?

LifeCampUSA is more than spending a week at an incredible wilderness camp. After Camp, our LifeCampUSA mentors commit to spending the 12 months following camp to continue mentoring campers. They engage with one another via personal phone calls, group zoom meetings, and monthly newsletters. The personal interaction between mentor and camper in LifeCare is designed to reinforce the character lessons introduced at camp and to encourage the participants to continue their journey of Christian faith through attendance at local churches, after-school programs and positive personal behavior.

Additionally, our LifeCampUSA pastoral staff is available for talking with mothers regarding the many issues that impact the growth and development of their child. LifeCareUSA, like LifeCampUSA, is an investment into the lives of our future generation.

Camper Testimonial

This week Was The absolute Time of my life!The mentors (or “uncles” as we called them) really made us dig deeper into having Jesus Christ in our lives as boys growing into men. While my father was serving in Afghanistan he was KIA. These men at this camp acted as uncles in my life, and reminded me that God is our Father! The most important person is God our Heavenly Father, who takes us under his wing. 

Camp was also Incredible because me and the other boys built a family relationship because of what we have all been through. Me and my new friends went on so many adventures together, Such as fishing, going to Lake Superior, spending time in the lake, and all-around camp fun! Kids my age will continue to come to this amazing camp because of the men who run it. There are people out there who care. If you are considering coming but are scared, unsure, or too busy, don’t let that stop you. I was all of these things at first! But I remembered, what is there to lose, and what if you don’t get another chance? I traveled 1,500 miles, farther than I’d ever been from home or my mom, and I will say this: “COME HERE!” I will never forget this camp or anyone in it. The people will forever be part of my life. At this camp my understanding of life and God grew. If you have the opportunity, come and enjoy this incredible Camp!! 

– J.T., Florida

Monthly Newsletter

Every month LifeCampUSA’s on staff Chaplain sends out newsletters to campers and their parents. These newsletters touch on topics learned at camp, remind campers to be young men of courage, strength, integrity, and to be a step ahead of other young men their age.

MOnthly Zoom Meetings

Every month campers, meet over a zoom meeting with the other campers they attended with, and the mentors that were at their camp. It has been a great way for campers to continue connecting with each other, as well as enables the boys to encourage each other. It’s a neat opportune time for them to share, console, laugh, and relate with one another. 

Connection in Communtiy

We want to help your child get connected in your community. Our chaplain on staff checks in regularly to help parents find local ministries, sports teams, youth groups, events, and service projects in your area to attend. We also try to connect campers as often as possibly with other families that have been a part of LifeCampUSA.